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Michael Davenport

Verified News Reporter
Verified News Reporter
This is a RP Forum ( Role-Playing ) for a Organization in Chronet Semi-Serious RP Server.
This server is owned by SIMPLE and we do not have any associations with Chronet.

Forums Rules

We do how-ever go by the same rules as Chronet such as posting, 
please don't double-post, be respectful, keep the topic's / replies clean 
and etc... you know the rules ! 

Chronet SEMI-SERIOUS Support

We can only provide you help with anything related to our Organization / Business 
in-game, we cannot provide you help with any problems you may receive within' chronet, 
please consider going to !  

If you acquire help with something related to The Media you can message us IN-GAME

Appropriate Posting

Please consider posting your topics in the appropriate locations, meaning anything related to Chronet goes to Chronet, and anything related to The Media / News goes here Smile !


Membership SIGN-UP has been disabled meaning nobody allowed to be a registered member here, if you're a staff-members of THE MEDIA you must request Michael Davenport to create you a News Person account ! You also must have 1 Week of PLAY-TIME and are serious about it and not be some trollish kid 

((No premium membership required)) 

End of post

More might be added onto this post soon, but for now please follow what we have !

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